Workload Campaign

About the Campaign

Waitlists and backlogs are growing at alarming rates putting patients and workers at risk.  

We are working to end the critical shortages of health science professionals by calling on the BC government to train and hire more workers and pressuring employers to stop ignoring the problem.  


Too many positions sit unfilled because there aren’t enough seats in training programs - especially outside of major cities. And too many of those who are trained are finding work out of province or in private care because BC’s public health wages simply aren’t competitive.

Piling even more work onto overstretched health science professionals is not a solution. Many members are already struggling with workloads that have reached dangerous levels.


Delivering the level of care you know patients need shouldn’t mean putting your own life on hold. Every member should know that when they leave, someone will be there to take their place to care for their patients.

We are working to find members struggling with excessive workloads and connecting them with labour relations experts who can help pressure employers to fix the problems. 

Together we can hold our government and employers accountable for restoring safe working conditions so we can get to work delivering the care patients need.